Thursday, 30 December 2010

sarah lucas

Since the early 1990s Sarah Lucas has challenged sexual stereotypes in a variety of provocative works. In this series of self-portraitsshe turns against the art-historical tradition of the female seductress or muse, and presents herself in a deliberately androgynous, and occasionally aggressive, series of poses. She adopts masculine gestures and stances, and shows herself in unisex clothing like jeans and T-shirts. These images also raise questions about the role and appearance of the modern artist. In contrast to the cliché of the artist as an anguished male, Lucas shows herself as an ordinary person in emphatically ordinary surroundings.
 (From the display caption August 2004)
Sarah Lucas from Self-Portraits 1990-1998, Human Toilet Revisited 1998

Saturday, 18 December 2010

gillian wearing

 I had to say that a part of me was inspired by the Tate Liverpool exhibition that held Gillian wearing work sighs. In comparison between my work and wearing is that i have encouraged people to write in their own language and our subject matters are different. However visually our work may look similar.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

let the toilet speak for its self!

I enjoying getting the public involved in my work, so I had decided to ask the public what they thought about the toilet and write it down and had taken a photograph of it. For me personally I had seen this social experiment and a good form of public art.