Friday, 26 November 2010

wafa hourani

I have been Inpired by wafa hourani piece Qalandia 2067 . 
When I had first seen this piece of work in Saatchi I had that aesthetic quality in a quirky way. it seemed full of culture .it was the building looked like a Muslim settlement. there was even Arabic music playing within one of the small room. I  didn’t really know what the work was about until I had seen all of the buildings. Whereby one of the buildings had a great wall and contained a small solider guarding it. This is where I had realized that it was connected with the Gaza and Israel conflict. Hourani was suggesting the future of Palestine in relation to Israel. whereby Palestine had many refuge camps along side Israel lived in luxury. 
I had created a piece of installation whereby it contained small sectioned rooms. Each room depicted a sense of culture almost a tour of the different toilets in the world.i had used Britain as one of the rooms which consisted of cigarettes as I remember at school we use always smoke in the toilets. They he has inspired is not his subject matter in fact the layout the whole idea of a miniature world . 

Monday, 15 November 2010

my lotah

Marcel Duchamp fountain inspired me to believe that readymade objects are art, so I have taken that concept as part of my work. I have created the lotah as a piece of art. The lotah plays a significant part in my life as a child and even up to now. As it is usual to be in Muslim toilets, it’s there to provide hygiene.Basically I have used a found object being the lotah as a tool in my work as a piece of art just like Marcel Duchamp however I’m not copying his work because the message that I am conveying to the audience is that the lotah plays just an importance as the toilet roll. i had also created a toilet seat which had paints on it which partly inspired by the canvas with images on. 

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


 I have done so much primary source research as in taking photographs of toilets whereby I haven't looked at any.
so what I have done now is look at different types of toilets and stuck them down on a piece of canvas to help my inspiration build up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 1 November 2010


he fountain had revolutionized art through the invention of ready-made as he was successful to destroy the dominance of painting .many young artists were greatly influenced by him and would be inspired to use his fundamental concept.
Fountain is an industry produced urinal in which Marcel Duchamp had made three changes:
1.Marcel Duchamp had placed the
urinal on a base or plinth.
2.Duchamp had sighed it R.Mutt and dated it.
3.Duchamp had entered it for an exhibition of contemporary art.
Marcel Duchamp was trying to justify his point that any object can be declared as art as long as it contains the characteristics mentions above.