Thursday, 7 October 2010

summer project

game project
title of game: 80p
objective of the game is the first player who find their matching items from the box 3 in a row win.
there are six players required .
each one will pick three random items from the bag.
each player takes it turns to find the perfect match,
by opening the miniature parcel.
if it doesn't match they will need to put it back in the box and shake the n shake the box, and so on.

review of game
in my personal opinion the visual outcome is good and quirky especially the rule book with urban embellishment of copper coins, pegs hair clips buttons and price tags.
however listening to my fellow group members comments the game was quiet easy to play and their was a lack of competitive  drive .
what i have learned from this experience is that planning is essential even if I had 1 week to create the game I should have actually planned more and looked at different types of other games that require players to think more and apply skill.

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