Saturday, 16 October 2010

toilet project

i have been looking at toilets at the last few weeks, it might seem like a typical shock art project at first but actually there is more to it. i have a short preview of my project time line that i would like to share:

Toilet project timeline
Duration: 8 weeks
Week number
Week  1
Find the meaning of toilet, search in depth of terminology. Find out various uses of the toilet. Research the toilet in contextual sense, in terms of images which represent the toilets significance for example: Sarah Lucas sitting on the toilet photograph. Start to understand the cultural aspects within having a toilet in the home for example: looking at different cultural environments like Japan compared with united kingdom. Also search into toilet adequate for example: Islamic point of view of toilet adequate.
Week  2
Now as having knowledge of the toilet start to seek inspiration within other sources for example: Marcel Duchamp’s urinal.  Looking at articles and books about how the toilet has revolutionised human kind, How the toilet has created difference social class system for example: how some domestic houses choose to have him and her toilets.
Week  3
In this entire week I will be just concentrating on taking as many photograph of toilets for example: restaurant, domestic home, shopping mall, public toilets, mobile toilets etc.
Week  4
From my collective imagery I will be presenting it in a creative manner. Then start to compare images in affect to aesthetic quality and hygiene.

Monday, 11 October 2010


I have started to create doodles  in a sketch book which is whereby I'm just drawing everyday in the sketch book. just to show my thinking process.
here are some bits n bobs

Saturday, 9 October 2010


i had decided to do my project based on toilets . i have always been fasiated by the cultral and religous diffrences within toilets.
This was triggered of by my visits from Lahore (Pakistan) to Peshawar (on the border of Afghanistan) then finally to my nana’s homeland Jalalabad (Afghanistan). I found it amusing that how in one country toilets can differ as from modern electric flush toilets to squat toilets. So I started to brain storm the toilet, I came up had a lot of ideas whereby there were strands that suggested social questions about toilets within the community. I had also come up with artists that I could look upon for inspiration.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

hen/stag party project

our party theme was a hen/stag party, my first initial reaction was that it should be pretty much straight forward. as we were grouped up with the second years we had created a mind-map of different ideas i had suggested that maybe we could have a split screen in the middle separating the male and females, whereby 1 side would only have the hen party and the other side would have the stag do.we as a group looked at all the ideas,and agreed on having an old fashioned back drop with a modern twist of today's typical characters you see around. which included pimps, tarts ,vicar and so on.
i think our back drop of leaves and branches looked great and had a rich contrast with our costumes.
overall i enjoyed this project and learned a lot from the second years which were very helpful and friendly.

summer project

game project
title of game: 80p
objective of the game is the first player who find their matching items from the box 3 in a row win.
there are six players required .
each one will pick three random items from the bag.
each player takes it turns to find the perfect match,
by opening the miniature parcel.
if it doesn't match they will need to put it back in the box and shake the n shake the box, and so on.

review of game
in my personal opinion the visual outcome is good and quirky especially the rule book with urban embellishment of copper coins, pegs hair clips buttons and price tags.
however listening to my fellow group members comments the game was quiet easy to play and their was a lack of competitive  drive .
what i have learned from this experience is that planning is essential even if I had 1 week to create the game I should have actually planned more and looked at different types of other games that require players to think more and apply skill.